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 Lauren O'Riley

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PostSubject: Lauren O'Riley   Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:45 pm

Name (First, Middle, and Last; Nickname(s) is optional):Lauren O'Riley
Birthday and Age:July,17,1996 she is 17
Hair (Color; Length and style is optional):Blonde
Skin Tone:Tan
Body Type (Lean, Thin, Built, Etc.):Lean
Height and Weight:5'9" 135
Godly Parentage (The Big 3 are allowed for a limited amount of time):Hades
Mortal Parentage:Shannon O'Riley
Country of Origin and Birthplace:United States Warsaw,Indiana
Pets (No exotic or magical/mythical animals; Hell-hounds are OK):none
Talents/Skills (Not Powers):fast, dancing, good with a sword
Flaws (Minimum of three flaws; "Nobody's perfect"):loyal, cocky, self-centered
Powers (Has to relate to godly parent; Also optional):The power to raise the dead, Shadow travel, power over shadows
Weapon (Maximum of 2, Celestial Bronze; Stygian Iron is allowed for kids of the Underworld gods):Stygian Iron Sword
History (How they lived and what happened in their lives post CHB; 5 complete sentences; No ties to cannon characters):Lauren Lived in Indiana. What she had with her best friend Scott when she was little was the best friendship a girl could ask for. They would play on the swings and she noticed he was a magician. What she didn't know was Scott had power over time. She had finally run away after Scott went missing and ran to CHB.
How they got to CHB (The small story of how they got there):She had finally gotten out into the forest and was close to CHB. Monsters blocked her path. Once she had defeated all of them she walked. after getting there she trained.
Role-Playing example (5 complete sentences, please):I walked up to the monsster. It hadn't noticed me yet. I drew my sword and cut it's head off. I had always wanted to kill a hellhound. Yet never got the chance
Anything else about your character? (Just the small things that wouldn't fit into any other section):N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Lauren O'Riley   Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:45 pm

Approved! I watched him type this on skype.
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Lauren O'Riley
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