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 Aaron Tyler Choles

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Amy Pond

Amy Pond

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PostSubject: Aaron Tyler Choles    Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:50 am

Name (First, Middle, and Last; Nickname(s) is optional): Aaron Tyler Choles

Gender: Male

Birthday and Age: October 31st, 1999, 13 years old

Hair (Color; Length and style is optional): Dark brown, with random black streaks.

Skin Tone: Aaron has very pale skin, like he spends his entire life underground.

Body Type (Lean, Thin, Built, Etc.): Aaron is very thin.

Height and Weight: Aaron is 5' 5'' tall and weighs 119 pounds

Godly Parentage (The Big 3 are allowed for a limited amount of time): Aaron father is the lovely god of the Underworld, Hades.

Mortal Parentage: Marian Lucille Choles

Country of Origin and Birthplace: Aaron was born is Los Angeles, CA.

Pets (No exotic or magical/mythical animals; Hell-hounds are OK): Aaron has a hell-hound that is as tall as his waist. Her name is Morti (Which is, FYI, Latin for Death).

Talents/Skills (Not Powers): Aaron is very good with his sword. He is also very good with throwing knives, always can hit the target.

Flaws (Minimum of three flaws; "Nobody's perfect"): Aaron never has been good with living things. It is much easier for him to deal with everything dead. (I dont count animals of the underworld as 'living') He has numerous scars on his arm from when Morti jumps on him. Aaron also has anger management problems. He gets angry at the drop of a hat.

Powers (Has to relate to godly parent; Also optional): Aaron can raise the dead! He can call one 5 skeletons during the day to do his bidding, or just keep him company. Aaron will have a minor headache calling one, will start to get dizzy calling 3 and almost pass out calling 5. He also has 50% control of whatever his dad sends up from the underworld, but that doesn't happen often.

Weapon (Maximum of 2, Celestial Bronze; Stygian Iron is allowed for kids of the Underworld gods): Aaron has a 2 foot Stygian Iron sword. He always keeps it in its scabbard.

History (How they lived and what happened in their lives post CHB; 5 complete sentences; No ties to cannon characters): Aaron was born on Halloween night in 1999. His mother raised him so that he would never know that he was a demi-got. Although, Aaron was always drawn to Greek mythology. His mother couldn't hide the fact that he was very. very, different. Finally when a Satyr showed up on his doorstep, his mother just couldn't hide it anymore, he was a Half-Blood. He arrived at CHB when he was 9.  

Role-Playing example (5 complete sentences, please): Aaron looked around the forest. Everything living, it bothered him. He reached down to a bright yellow flower. It withered at his touch. He figured his step-mother Persephone wouldn't be too happy about that. Even though he didn't care what she thought, he wasn't very excited about his dreams tonight. They would probably be about him being sucked into the pretty violets and tulips and suffocating... yay.
Anything else about your character? (Just the small things that wouldn't fit into any other section):

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Tyler Choles    Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:08 pm

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Aaron Tyler Choles
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