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 Holly May son of Zues

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Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

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PostSubject: Holly May son of Zues   Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:07 pm

Name (First, Middle, and Last; Nickname(s) is optional): Holly May
Gender: Male
Birthday and Age: December 15th 2000
Hair (Color; Length and style is optional): His hair is Short and its the color alburn
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type (Lean, Thin, Built, Etc.): Thin
Height and Weight: 5 foot 7 inches, 103 pounds
Godly Parentage (The Big 3 are allowed for a limited amount of time): Zues
Mortal Parentage: Mary May
Country of Origin and Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
Pets (No exotic or magical/mythical animals; Hell-hounds are OK): None
Talents/Skills (Not Powers): Acting, hacking into computers, problem solving.
Flaws (Minimum of three flaws; "Nobody's perfect"): Over confident, arrogant, doesnt think before he speaks, and he is also tempered.
Powers (Has to relate to godly parent; Also optional): He can fly, he can go up to 17 feet in the air, if he goes any higher he will pass out. He can fly for 10 minutes up to 15 miles per hour. He can use this power twice a day.
Weapon (Maximum of 2, Celestial Bronze; Stygian Iron is allowed for kids of the Underworld gods): A celestial bronze sword.
History (How they lived and what happened in their lives post CHB; 5 complete sentences; No ties to cannon characters): Holly grew up with his mother is the city. His mother was rich and Holly hated every single bit of the wealth because it was driving his mother crazy. Holly dreamed of going around the world on an airplane so he could leave his house. Holly wished for his mother to get better and that he would pay more attention to him. He worked hard and school and was a athlete.
How they got to CHB (The small story of how they got there): Holly was taken to CHB by a satyr at the age of 10. The satyrs name is Tillie. He couldnt even wait to leave, he took an airplane there because he gets carsick real easily. About half way there, Holly was attacked by a monster. Short after this, Holly finally got to CHB
Role-Playing example (5 complete sentences, please): Holly looked around in the sky gently. It is so pretty. He though to himself. Holly of corse wouldnt tell it to anyone else, they would think he was crazy. " Lalala check'n my phone. " He got his phone out of his pocket as then he ran into a tree. " Tree. I hate you. You just had to be standing there! Didnt you? "
Anything else about your character? (Just the small things that wouldn't fit into any other section): Not that I know of
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Amy Pond

Amy Pond

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PostSubject: Re: Holly May son of Zues   Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:14 pm

Approved, I do believe...

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Holly May son of Zues
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