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 Jordan May Greggers, Daughter of Dionysus

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Amy Pond

Amy Pond

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PostSubject: Jordan May Greggers, Daughter of Dionysus    Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:08 pm

Name (First, Middle, and Last; Nickname(s) is optional): Jordan May Greggers

Gender: Female

Birthday and Age: May 14, 1997 16 years old

Hair (Color; Length and style is optional): Jordan has dark black hair with random purple streaks.

Skin Tone: Fairly tan

Body Type (Lean, Thin, Built, Etc.): Jordan is a normal size. She is slightly thinner than most 16 year-old's. (this is from eating mostly grapes.)
Height and Weight: Jordan is 5' 7'' and 123 pounds

Godly Parentage (The Big 3 are allowed for a limited amount of time): Dionysus

Mortal Parentage: May Greggers

Country of Origin and Birthplace: Topeka Kansas, on a grape farm.

Pets (No exotic or magical/mythical animals; Hell-hounds are OK): none

Talents/Skills (Not Powers): Jordan is very good at telling different wines apart. She has a lovely singing voice and is very fast.

Flaws (Minimum of three flaws; "Nobody's perfect"): Jordan is very jittery, and not in the ADHD way. She can't go 2 seconds without doing something, or else she will be lost and confused and start to stress out. She is very bold. Jordan will go up to or talk to anyone and say anything she wants. This is not always helpful. Jordan's legs are scarred because of all the miss-fires wither her powers. She sometimes can't control them as much as she hoped.

Powers (Has to relate to godly parent; Also optional): Jordan has control over grape vines. She can make vines grow out of the ground up to her own height. The vines rot after 20 minutes after being grown. Jordan can do this 4 times a day. (one vine each time)

Weapon (Maximum of 2, Celestial Bronze; Stygian Iron is allowed for kids of the Underworld gods): Jordan has a small purple bouncy ball that when bounced tuns into a 4 foot Celestial Bronze spear. To turn it back into a bouncy ball she just taps the end of the spear on the ground and it transforms.

History (How they lived and what happened in their lives post CHB; 5 complete sentences; No ties to cannon characters): Jordan was born in Topeka Kansas In May. She grew up on a vineyard, picking grapes and making wine. As a kid, she would drink nothing but grape-flavored kool-aid. Her mother said that if she ate much more her hair would turn purple. Jordan laughed at that. A few years later, when Jordan was 12, her mother died. Soon after she was taken to camp by a single satyr named Vinnie. After a few months at camp, Jordan was told that the vineyard would be closed down, all the plants had overgrown. (Jordan blamed her Father) At 14, Jordan dyed purple streaks in her hair in memory of her mother.

Role-Playing example (5 complete sentences, please): Jordan woke up with her hair in a rats nest. She walked into the bathroom to wash it out. "Good morning." she whispered to the Grape vine that was trying to make its way into the room. Jordan pulled on her sweatshirt and jeans. She set off toward the dining hall for some breakfast. With grape-juice, of course.

Anything else about your character? (Just the small things that wouldn't fit into any other section):

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Harry Potter
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan May Greggers, Daughter of Dionysus    Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:27 am

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Jordan May Greggers, Daughter of Dionysus
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