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 "Let's kill tonight!"; Aloysius M. Lothaire ((W.I.P))

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PostSubject: "Let's kill tonight!"; Aloysius M. Lothaire ((W.I.P))   Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:41 pm

Name (First, Middle, and Last; Nickname(s) is optional): Aloysius Marion Lothaire
Gender: This demi-god is male.
Birthday and Age: He was born September 18, 1996 and is 16 years old.
Hair (Color; Length and style is optional): His hair is dark brown and he has a very specific way that he does his hair.
Eyes (Color; Anything extra is optional): His eyes are a very dark brown, almost black.
Skin Tone: Pale, he hates tanning.
Body Type (Lean, Thin, Built, Etc.): He is somewhat lean.
Height and Weight: Aloysius is 69 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds.
Godly Parentage (The Big 3 are allowed for a limited amount of time): Mania, the Greek goddess of insanity and madness.
Mortal Parentage: His mortal parent is Ben Lothaire.
Country of Origin and Birthplace: He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the U.S.A of course.
Pets (No exotic or magical/mythical animals Hell-hounds are OK): N/A
Talents/Skills (Not Powers): Aloysius is very calm, and can maintain his temper and stress-level even in a stress-filled environment. He's also pretty smart.
Flaws (Minimum of three flaws; "Nobody's perfect"): He is very reserved and very anti-social. He gets very anxious around more than two people and when he's anxious or pushed too far he's very unpredictable and quite frankly goes berserk. Other than that, Aloysius is quite homicidal, but that's something he keeps to himself.
Powers (Has to relate to godly parent; Also optional): N/A
Weapon (Maximum of 2, Celestial Bronze; Stygian Iron is allowed for kids of the Underworld gods):
History (How they lived and what happened in their lives post CHB; 5 complete sentences; No ties to cannon characters):
How they got to CHB (The small story of how they got there):
Role-Playing example (5 complete sentences, please):
Anything else about your character? (Just the small things that wouldn't fit into any other section):


Rawr. Rawr.
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"Let's kill tonight!"; Aloysius M. Lothaire ((W.I.P))
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