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 Charles Kimaro

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PostSubject: Charles Kimaro   Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:34 pm

Name: Charles Kimaro
Age: 13
Gender: Boy
Eyes: Pale White
Hair:Pale White
Height: 5'7
Body Type: Lean
Skin Color: Pale White
God Parent: Aeolus
Mortal Parent: Soma Kimaro
Country of Origin: America
Pets: none
Talents: Finding air abundances, good with coordinates.
Weapon**: Celestial bronze staff named Windforce
Flaws:: Always a klutz, terrible at controlling his powers, not good at making friends, and is thinks to high of himself.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Air pushes him up so it appears that he is flying for 3 minutes at a time, 20 feet in the air and mini hurricane that lasts 1 minute, 3 times a day.

They can both only be use 5 times a day. And flying is 30 miles a hour.
Life Before CHB*: He was a orphan in Chicago until one day, a monster attacked him. He was scared until he found his staff in a ditch. Then he defeated the monster. A satyr appeared and led him to camp. Another monster attacked when they got to Long Island. He defeated that monster.
RP Example*: I ran toward the monster. I jumped over his head. Then I said, "Say goodbye to your life." I stabbed him in the back with my staff and jumped into a tree. I sent a freezing wind toward his head.

Any notes about your characters: Very fast and good at stealing
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PostSubject: Re: Charles Kimaro   Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:43 pm

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Charles Kimaro
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