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 the sun will come out tomorrow! maybe. probably.

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PostSubject: the sun will come out tomorrow! maybe. probably.   Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:32 pm

Name: Helen Majesty. Helen means "shining light". Helen's mother was a smart woman and named her something that had to do with the sun. A majesty is a person that has a big role in royalty. Helen has no middle name, sadly, as her mother believed that two names were enough.

Gender: Helen is a female. She is offended that anyone would question that.

Mortal Parent: Regina Majesty. Regina is a strange woman who believed in voodoo, the numbers 666 and 13, and was very superstitious. She grew up in New Orleans with her mother, who owned a voodoo shop and therefore taught Regina her "ways".
When Regina turned eighteen, she moved out of the house and went to New York, hoping to become a Broadway actress. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. So when Regina turned twenty-one, she decided to settle down, get a house, a job, maybe gather a family together. But very soon she discovered it wasn't so easy and she couldn't pay her rent every month. So the landlord kicked Regina out, and she had to go and live in the ghetto area of Manhattan. She got a job at a bar, and there she met Apollo. They started seeing each other, and after a few months Apollo disappeared, leaving a pregnant Regina alone, defenseless, and without a home.
Despite the hardships, Regina didn't get her hopes down. She kept on working hard, and had Helen. She got a job and a better apartment, and things were going pretty well for the mother-daughter duo.

God Parent: Helen's godly other half is Apollo, god of music, poetic inspiration, archery, prophecy, medicine, and many other things.

Other Family: Stepfather: George Carter
Stepsiblings: Alana Carter and George Carter II

Date of Birth: Miss Majesty was born on the date June 1, 1996, therefore she has just reached the age seventeen. Helen likes her age as it is the age that you're not quite an adult yet, but not a child either.

Place of Birth: Helen was born on a rainy day in St. Luke's Hospital in Manhattan, New York.

Hometown/Last Residence: Helen was living in an apartment in Manhattan before she went to Camp Half-Blood.
you would not believe your eyes

Race/ethnicity: Helen's family originates from Norway, and only part of her family is recorded. But she is mostly Caucasian.

Accent: Helen has no accent. She talks how any American teenager would talk.

Skin Tone: Miss Majesty's skin colour is an ivory-olive variation. It stands out a bit with her blonde hair.

Eye Color: Helen's eyes seem to change colour, from gray to hazel to blue. Most of the time they are blue.

Hair Color: Helen's hair is light blonde.

Hair Length: Her hair falls down to her lower back.

Height: A bit tall for her age, Helen stands at 5'7.

Weight: Helen is a little anorexic. She only weighs 105 pounds. She's always obsessing over what she eats and how she looks, and sometimes she just forgets to eat altogether.

Body Type: As stated up there, ^ Helen is a bit anorexic.


Helen has a small, perfect nose and a great smile. Her skin is ivory-olive, and her eyes are always very wide open, which she hates. She tends to wear flashy clothes that are neon and sparkly, but usually it depends on her mood or the weather. She stands at 5'7 weighing 105 pounds. She has long legs and curves, and chubby cheeks that she despises.
Helen's golden hair reaches to her lower back and is naturally straight. but it is always very tangled, and this and crimps it so it looks better. Usually it is down.

a foxtrot above my head, a sock hop beneath my bed

Weapon: Helen owns a spruce wood bow and arrow. It has intricate designs on it in blue, of suns, vines, and flowers. It is Helen's pride and joy. The arrows are old-fashioned, with flint arrowheads, celestial bronze bases, and chicken feathers.

She also has an iron shield that matches her armour.

Armor: Helen's armor is like that of Alice's in the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. It is made of iron, and the top has button-like things and it is low-cut, providing a safe yet stylish outfit. Instead of just leggings, Helen wears a chain mail skirt, with leggings underneath. The chain mail is arranged to look a bit like feathers. To Helen, it looks like a curtain or maybe a tablecloth. And the outfit is topped off with matching boots.

Pet(s): Helen owns no pets, though she used to have a mouse.

Skills/Talents: Gymnastics- Regina once signed Helen up at a local gymnastics place. Helen was a natural and loved it.
Drawing- Helen has had a talent for drawing. She loves to draw animals and people, and is exceptionally good at it.
Running- When she was ten, Helen participated in a triathlon and excelled at the running part. This encouraged her to start doing marathons.

Flaws: Selfish- Helen acts like the world revolves around her
Self Conscious- She is too judgy of herself
Sunburn- Helen burns very easily.
Vulnerable- She is bad with her bow and has trouble defending herself
Scatterbrained- Helen isn't the sharpest tool in the box, and often forgets things.
(see physical flaws in appearance, they are the bolded words)

Weaknesses: Staying on topic- Helen has trouble staying focused, because of her ADHD.
Gullible- Helen trusts everyone, and is tricked easily
Weak- Though she is good at gymnastics and running, her leg strength is weak
Easily tired- Helen has a very short endurance.

Likes: Helen is fond of strawberries, cats, clouds, Forever 21, and lipstick.

Dislikes: Helen can't stand liars, sneakers, teachers, soda, and television.

Fears: Miss Majesty is afraid of the dark, birds, spiders, heights, and becoming overweight.

Personality: Helen has a strong personality and often adds sassiness to her voice without meaning to, which has caused her to get in trouble often. She is not afraid to stand up for herself, but she is afraid to stand up for others, because she was always popular at school. But, her popularity was hanging by a thread about to break, and the other popular people bullied the "nerds". If she stood up for the nerds, she would go to their level. And Helen didn't want to risk that, so she was mean at school usually.
Although, Helen is a pranker and very funny. When she's with someone she knows won't judge her, she's pleasant, but around the people at school she's a fake.
Helen has a short temper and tends to get angry at very little things. And when she is angry, it's not too fun to be with her. She'll scream and hurt you if you provoke her in a big way. The tantrums vary from a huge fight to a kick in the shin.

Powers: Unfortunately, Helen is powerless.

Social Status: Helen was always one of the mean popular girls. She was on top of the food chain in her school.

Summer or Year Rounder: It depends. Helen alternates between her mom and camp during the school year, but in summer she spends most of her time in Camp Half-Blood.

Years at Camp: Helen has been at camp for five years, since she was twelve.

Life Before CHB: Regina had Helen when she was twenty two. At the time, Regina was struggling. She didn't have a job, a good home, or any money. The only relative she had was her mom, who was living in New Orleans still. Regina scraped up the money for a plane ticket down to Louisiana, hoping her mother could help her get on track. Unfortunately, Regina hadn't kept much contact with her and once she and Helen arrived, they found Regina's mother, Elle, lying on her deathbed. A few weeks later, Elle died. And Regina was left alone without hope. Again.
Regina lived in her mother's house from then on. She got a job at a liquor store and began getting a little income. Soon she scraped up a little money and bought plane tickets back to Manhattan.
There she found a small apartment for her and Helen to live in- Helen was now five years old- and enrolled Helen in kindergarten. She got a new job as a clerk at a Nordstrom, and by the time Helen was seven she was able to buy a bigger, better apartment. Things were going good for the Majestys.
When Helen was ten, Regina started dating a man named George Carter. He was everything a woman would want- tall, lean, blonde, handsome. It was no wonder Regina fell for him.
Helen was bothered by George. She wasn't sure why; he was very nice and enjoyed giving her and her mother gifts. And it didn't even seem fakey-nice, he seemed genuinely kind. So Helen decided not to tell her mother, because Regina was happy with George.
And two years later, they married. Helen had never seen her mother so happy. Her joy was contagious and passed on to Helen. Helen's happiness lasted for about a year- what? You thought she would have a happy ending? Ha.
George's kids from his first marriage moved in. The boy, George Jr., bullied Helen, but it was only teasing. Helen could deal with that. But the girl, Alana, was a bad influence on Helen.
Alana was what you would call popular. All the boys loved her, she was beautiful, and best of all, she was feared!
Helen saw Alana as her role model. She started wearing lots of makeup when she was only twelve, and only cared about her social status. Helen's life kind of went downhill from there. Her grades dropped, and she got into "dirty" things.
Regina attempted to get her back, but Helen Majesty was gone.
One summer day she was wandering through some fields, and she found her way to CHB.

Role-playing Example: Helen brushed back her golden hair and looked at Alana, who had a smirk playing across her face. "Is- Is this okay?" Helen asked, trying to look as sexy and fierce as she could, which wasn't hard.
"No." Alana's smirk was even more mischievous. "We've got to get you in some makeup!"
"I'm not allowed... My mom will be mad."
"Who gives a f*ck about your mom? Not me!!" Alana cackled. Helen frowned.
"Ummm.." Helen gulped and looked away. Maybe what she was doing wan't right... Maybe she shouldn't do this. She didn't trust Alana.
But, it was tempting. A chance to be popular, pretty. And the thing Alana had asked for in exchange, Helen could give it to her. It was that simple. Why wouldn't Helen give it to her already, she didn't know? What was it?
Helen's soul.

Notes: FC is Annasophia Robb. Lyrics are from Owl City's "Fireflies". Alana, btw, is a monster actually.
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PostSubject: Re: the sun will come out tomorrow! maybe. probably.   Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:33 am

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the sun will come out tomorrow! maybe. probably.
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